Why Testimonials are Vital to Your Business

What are testimonials?

Testimonials are social proof that a prospect or customer is about to make the right decision by hiring you. They humanize your brand, show the longevity of your services, and demonstrate the real value of what you offer. However, taking the time to gain a written record of your credibility and expertise can be easily overlooked with everything else you have to do for your clients.

Why are testimonials so important?

Testimonials strengthen your reputation and bring in new leads through the power of an objective opinion. Someone else is singing your praises which makes prospective clients pay closer attention than they normally would.  

How to use testimonials effectively:

  • Use short testimonials or edit longer ones for clarity. Direct, purposeful, and authentic ones are the most powerful. Don’t forget to include your client’s name, title, company, and photo. 
  •  Strategically place testimonials throughout your blog or website. Use them next to case studies, product/service sales pages, or call-to-actions. Don’t forget to share on your social media channels as well. Doing this not only strengthens your reputation, but also serves as a thank you to the person that took the time to provide it for you. Having the right testimonial in the right place will move your customer forward in their sales journey.
  • Get both written and video testimonials, if possible. Different formats affect people differently and give you the most flexibility to share and repurpose.

Asking for testimonials doesn’t come naturally to me, so I created a process around it and make it part of working with a client. When you make gathering testimonials, an integrated step in your business process, it’ll be easy to ask and get the results you’re looking for.  

Click here to download your free guide and template to get amazing testimonials from your clients. 


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