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Danielle is available for virtual keynotes, workshops, and summit presentations for groups of any size. Danielle tailors every presentation to the unique needs and goals of the audience. She’d love to collaborate with you on the perfect presentation for your audience. 

Decision Fatigue As A CEO

How to manage the exhaustion that comes with the overwhelming volume of decisions, whether high-impact or low. Learn to distribute decision-making responsibility and empower your team, freeing you to refocus your energy where it truly matters.

How to have hard conversations with your team

As a CEO you will have to have hard conversations with people. Learn when, how, and why to hold them in this no-holds-barred presentation.

The best way to get the right people in the right seats in your business

No more wondering who should be doing what. When you have the right people doing the right tasks your business can perform at the highest level while using resources in the most efficient way. 

Why every business needs an ICE plan

Whether you are dreaming of going on vacation, hoping that an unimaginable tragedy doesn’t happen in your life or just looking at ways to save time, having an In Case of Emergency (ICE) plan is the best tool to make sure that your business isn’t devastatingly impacted and that you can have piece of mind that your hard work is protected.

Stop working IN your business so you can grow faster

Be the CEO instead of the Chief Everything Officer. Delegate tasks that don’t require your attention and free up time and energy to work with clients, create new offers, learn new skills, and even take time off. 

The hidden key to business success (and why you aren’t already doing it)

Break free from expectations and build so that your business can weather uncertainty and last. Then you can do the fun stuff while your business hums along in a self-sustaining way.

Why operationalizing your values leads directly to sales

Defining your business values and incorporating them through everything you do builds a relationship of trust with your clients. That trust is the heart of sales.

Why skyscrapers aren’t built with duct tape

Take your success to the next level. It’s time to 2.0 your business. You can’t grow a business with duct tape and hope. It’s time for systems and structures designed to support the business you’re building. 

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