Working with Danielle is Like Hiring Five Professionals in One

Ever wish you had a Swiss Army knife in your pocket that you could use for solving problems in your business?

Whether seizing new market opportunities or creating the right systems to deliver quality products and services—building and scaling a business can feel like a 24/7 job. 

You’ve gotten this far as a business owner, which means you have the vision and tenacity to bring bold ideas to life. But if you want to turn that vision into reality, you need a human swiss army knife.

That’s me. I’m a professional problem solver for small business owners with big ambitions. My clients hire me to re-think and tackle their most pressing challenges – whether big or small, complex, annoying or even weird. Even if behind the scenes of your business looks chaotic, my super power is building systems that finally enable you to scale. 

Danielle Levy, Expert Problem Solver

My ability to understand your vision and integrate the details is like the coffee to your donut. Like many business owners, you may thrive when it comes to creative ideas but yawn at the daily grunt work. That’s where I compliment you. As an integrator, I’m equal parts big picture and details. I excel at detail-oriented tasks and long-term planning that requires a high-level approach. This means you get to work out of your zone of genius while I’m creating an action plan for today, next quarter or even next year.

With me, you get the accountability of a mentor with the expertise of a systems nerd, marketing officer, brand strategist and business consultant.

I remove the burden of running a business off my clients’ shoulders and I’m proud to share that they often say: “I don’t have to worry about that. Danielle will take care of it!”

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Launching a new product or service requires energy, visibility and presence. As the face of your business, you have the opportunity to connect with your customers and establish yourself as an expert.

I Can Help With:

Target market research • Creating a sales funnel • Email marketing • Marketing strategies • Executing daily operations • Establishing brand identity
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Growing your business means making an impact on a larger scale. And it can’t be done alone. It requires trust and collaboration with an integrator who can help build the capacity you need to grow.

I Can Help With:

Creating efficiencies that streamline processes • Building an internal infrastructure that supports your team with the best technologies and resources for high growth • Implementing digital marketing strategies • Establishing automated processes Implementing
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Stepping into the role of CEO is a result of confidence. Confidence comes from having a strategy, systems and a team that you can count on.

I Can Help With:

Executing daily operations • Strategizing and managing long-term projects, goals and growth • Establishing Key Performance Indicators and measuring results • Managing an internal team and vendors • Identifying new opportunities and market trends
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What People Are Saying About Danielle


Danielle is the trusted co-captain who helps my businesses stay sailing in calm waters! She has taken charge of my marketing efforts, put systems in place that deliver results, and is constantly researching and recommending new and innovative ways to grow my businesses.

– Kim Strobel, Educator, Motivational Speaker


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