Why Your Email List is More Valuable Than Your Social Accounts


If you’re growing an online business, the pressure to be seen is an ongoing battle. With limited time and resources, where should you focus your energy?  Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? And what about an email list? Is that even necessary in today’s social world? 

Cultivating a social following can be a boost for your brand, no doubt.  But with limited time and dollars, your best bet is growing your email list.  

Why?  Here are six reasons:  

  1. You own your email list.  It’s connected to your website.  Growing an audience on social media is using borrowed land.  You don’t own your followers. At any point, social networks can change their algorithms or suspend your account.  With an email list, you control who is on your list and how you talk to them.   
  2. Subscribers want to hear from you.  They have raised their hand (well – completed your sign up process) asking to receive updates.  Social media algorithms limit how often you show up in front of your audience. Email is much more affordable than paid ad campaigns. 
  3. Broadcast emails contain a link or call-to-action that gives a clear path back to your website or inbox.  Social networks contain a lot of distractions around your message and are inconsistently seen. Your post may be missed.
  4. Email lists can be segmented and leads nurtured taking a warm audience through the sales process as you develop relationships with them. You can set up marketing sales funnels depending on what you want your client to do or buy.  
  5. Social media tends to be more entertaining.  Even if you engage with customers it isn’t likely you’ll make a sale.  Use social media to get your audience to sign up for your emails to keep them as a warm lead for future sales.  

As a business owner, you can do more with less to connect with your audience and drive sales. For this reason, keep your focus on building your email list.  

Need help setting up lead magnets or email campaigns?  How about automating your email list to send your client the exact message they need to hear from you?  I can help! Contact me.


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