Why and How You Should Be Repurposing Content


When it comes to creating content, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Through content repurposing it’s possible to create content once and repurpose it many times to be able to provide information to your audience in a variety of formats and in a variety of places. 

Repurposing content saves time over creating unique content for each format. It also provides a repeatable process for generating content that can be amplified across multiple platforms ensuring maximum saturation of your message. 

The reality is that you may not have overlap in your audiences across multiple platforms. Even if you do have overlap, with the way organic reach has been dwindling, sharing the same message across multiple platforms provides more opportunities for your message to get through.

Here’s how to repurpose your content:

Blog/Video Content

Start by creating blog or video content as a foundational content piece to repurpose.  If you find that you’re struggling to get started with writing, try dictating your content.  the content that you put in your blog can become multiple different pieces of content across your platform ecosystem.


Your blog or video content could become the basis of your newsletter. You can use it as a teaser to drive traffic to your website or you can make your message more succinct and send it out in a newsletter format.  It keeps your audience  in the loop about what new content you’re generating for them to enjoy.

Facebook Post

Your blog post could become a microblog that lives on your Facebook page. You can drive traffic to it like you would in a newsletter or you could reproduce the content in its entirety or in a  condensed format for your social media readers to enjoy. Picking an engaging image to encourage engagement with your post.  People love pictures. 

Social Media

Your blog could also become an extended long-form Instagram caption or it could become a series of tweets. Key points in your blog post could become memes that share the information in micro content form. Bite-size learning is a fun way to get around the rapidly deteriorating attention span of social media scrollers.

Youtube / Description

You can use pieces of your blog to create the YouTube description of your latest video. Make sure the language that you use from the blog is searchable so people can find your video when they’re looking for the subject that you’re discussing. 

From blog to newsletter to Facebook post to social media post to YouTube description, content repurposing is an easy way to keep your channel stocked with fresh information for your followers to consume. It’s also a great way to get your followers to follow you on other platforms. Each piece should include a Call To Action that points to other ways to follow and engage with your content. 

When you have a process that your team can implement to repurpose your content you don’t have to work as hard to get so much content out into the world. The standard operating procedures that you implement in this way can become habits  so that when a new blog is published everybody knows what to do in order to make the most of it. 



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