What is an Integrator and Why You Need to Hire One Today!


“Entrepreneurs are the answer to some of the most important problems we face.”

Mark C. Winters. 

Many people don’t realize that it takes two types of entrepreneurs to build a great company:  visionaries and integrators.

 This is the subject of one of my favorite books, Rocket Fuel, which outlines the delicate dance and powerful results between  two diverse personalities.

Visionaries have big goals. They want to grow and move quickly onto the next idea, partnership or opportunity.  They aren’t interested in micromanaging or handling all the steps (and missteps) that have to happen in order to make an idea come to life. 

Integrators are the answer. They ensure that the business continues to move in the direction of the visionary, while finding creative solutions for the inevitable obstacles and challenges that come from daily operations.

What can an integrator do for you?

If you don’t have an integrator, you are likely too close to your business and are not stepping into your CEO role. 

When you hire an integrator you have: 

  • A trusted ally to execute your business plan and extend your brand.  You can hand your idea off for implementation knowing that your integrator sees the big picture strategy and will put your idea to work. Your integrator knows how to work with the resources you have to make it happen.
  • An operational expert to build out your processes for efficiency, greater scaling, improved communications and operational effectiveness that drives the bottom line.
  • A professional gatekeeper that handles your inquiries, manages conflicts, develops partnerships, and allows you to focus on what is most important to you.
  • A sounding board that understands who you are authentically as a person, business leader and entrepreneur. Your integrator understands what you are saying and what you are not saying.
  • A relationship manager and coach that grows and strengthens your team. Your integrator holds the team accountable to a higher standard than they even knew, challenges them to their potential, and knows when to fix and when to fire.

Essentially the visionary focuses on the “what” while the integrator figures out the “how”.

Your Success Depends On It

As the visionary and CEO of your company you have the secret sauce for creating success.  You enjoy moving at a speed faster than most to keep your creative juices flowing, while you explore tons of new ideas. You are easily bored by the minutiae and day-to-day. You may even feel overwhelmed and like the business is running you. Having an integrator is the key to seeing your vision come to life, while keeping you energized by your work. If you’d like to explore what it’s like working with an integrator to manage your business,  let’s chat.


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