Clean Up Your Biz: Restaurant Style


What if I told you that your business (whether it’s in tech, coaching, design, etc.) really runs just like your favorite restaurant?

That’s right, they are set up the same way, with different functions happening in different places, with different talent needed throughout.

Stay with me now. If you ever had a job in the service industry, you’re probably familiar with the concept of ‘houses.’

Meaning front of house, back of house, and the house.

Each of these “houses” is completely unique, with their own systems and staff.

This is exactly how I want you to be looking at your business — no matter how big or small your operation is… like individual HOUSES. 

Looking at your business this way will help you uncover bottlenecks, barriers, and blindspots, and design an action plan for getting each area of your business in order, one “house” at a time.

When you build the right systems, habits, and mindsets your business foundations support the weight of the business you’re building. It’s like having a regular housekeeper who keeps the basics clean, neat, and tidy. 

And remember, you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. I’m here to help you every step of the way. Together we’ll look at your biz, with this house concept in mind, revealing the gaps in your foundations so you can grow and scale with confidence! 

Now, let’s get back into the restaurant metaphor.

Front of House:

This is all things customer facing. These foundations draw your customers into your virtual doors and help them stay engaged and aware.

This one may be where you are focusing a lot of your energy, it’s all of the front line things that represent your business, it’s where first impressions are made. It’s the hostess of the chicest restaurant you love.

The front of house includes areas such as:

Social Media
PR & Visibility
Affiliate Relationships & Partnerships
External Communications

What issues are usually found here?

  • The visuals of your brand being scattered or unprofessional
  • A lack of presence in your community or connection to your prospective customers
  • No clear and consistent way to bring leads into your pipeline
  • Over or underuse of content optimization so you can found through organic traffic and search engines
  • Confusing interface design leaving page visitors unclear of where to go or how to buy

Back of House:

This is the behind-the-scenes operations that keep your business functioning smoothly and profitably.

You most likely started your business as a visionary – an expert in something, not necessarily a logistics-heavy business manager. This is why the back of house may be the quickest to fall apart – or not get built with all the support your business needs.

The behind the scenes isn’t glamorous, but it is vital to functioning… because after all, what is a restaurant without a chef and a dishwasher?

The back of house includes:

Business Strategy
Project Management
Stakeholder Love
Metrics & Reporting
Systems & Processes
HR & Communications

These responsibilities can be easy to ignore but are also more likely to bog down the rest of your business when they aren’t done (or aren’t done right). And failing to have these core foundations built rock solid puts your business at serious legal risk!

Sticky points in this house include:

  • You needing to be the source for all answers in your business
  • Inability to get ahead because of team turnover or poor execution by your existing team
  • Thinking that you have enough money in the bank to pay your bills and still take home a paycheck when really you don’t
  • No clear idea of the checks and balances in place that you feel that you can delegate or take time away to do the things that you love
  • You are asked how your company addresses diversity and inclusion practices across the business and you aren’t sure that you have done enough

Although these might not be your areas of passion or expertise that prompted you to start your business, they are undeniably necessary in keeping the whole restaurant going. Having proper processes set up here allows service to run as smoothly as possible, even during the busiest of dinner rushes.

“Back of house” tasks are often your biggest opportunity to outsource and hire someone like myself to complete an audit and provide you with an action plan for what systems you’re missing, who you need to hire and more.

The moral of the “back of house” story? Creating an easy flow here allows you to do what you love, without the technical (boring) parts of the biz.

The Main House:

And now, we come to the main attraction. The part of the “restaurant” we are all the most familiar with and make our reservations for. It’s where everything happens, the merging of the front and the back, and the reason your business is what it is.

In restaurant terms, it’s the dining room + the meal. In business terms, it’s your product, offering, service and community. It is the core purpose and mission of your business.

The main house includes pieces like:

Product Creation & Maintenance
Fulfillment and Delivery Systems
Launching & Promotions
Community Building and Ecosystem
Affiliate Management & Community

Business owners get stuck here when…

  • There is a disconnect between product you’re offering and your ideal community
  • The offer that was once so popular is no longer selling
  • You are looking to scale up to your next offer but don’t know what it is or where to start
  • You are losing customers and you don’t know why

There aren’t many repeat customers so the sales cycle seems to take too long and there isn’t predictable revenue

So, Why Do All 3 Matter?

Now that you understand the 3 ‘houses’ of your business, it should be clear that one cannot run properly without the others. They are all connected and supporting one another.

When your finances aren’t in order, you may run into issues hiring new support. If your marketing and press aren’t successful, your product won’t sell. If your communication is down, you lose your community.

So, how do you know when you need help?

Some key signs your business operations is in need of a big house cleaning:

  • You’ve been successful up until now but now you can’t seem to move forward; everything that you did to get you here isn’t working anymore
  • You have unhappy customers because the process isn’t streamlined but you don’t know where the problems actually start or how to get them fixed
  • You know you need to hire someone to help you but can’t move forward because your processes are all in your head

This is NORMAL for businesses, like yours, when you’re in the 6-figures and reaching for the Million Dollar mark…you find yourself STUCK!

You haven’t had a trusted copilot to show you the ropes and guide you through the next steps.

No one shared the reality that getting to the next level requires MORE than just running a basic business and offering a great service. 

You also need to plan and successfully implement marketing, customer service, finances, legal, team building, and creating opportunities to scale, and so much more – even though these aren’t the real reasons you got into business in the first place..

A smooth running, successful business without chaos in any house is possible when your business foundations are solidly built and structurally sound.

After reading this are you screaming that you need help? It’s time to get a holistic view of your entire Business Operations System and put a plan into place!

My newest offer is here to help you dive deep into all parts of your business, identify the cracks, and give your solutions to make your foundation stronger.

Are you ready to ID your action plan? Let’s do it together.

My 360-Degree Business Operations System will allow you to:

  • See where your money may be leaking (instead of making you more profits!)
  • Take the actions you need, in the right order, to get the quickest wins and make the most progress (without feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that still need to get done!)
  • ​Build the processes and systems to make your business work FOR you and not become just another J-O-B (even if they’re all in your head right now)

And so much more!

Best of all, even though this system is exhaustive, it isn’t exhausting because each priority focus has its own action items broken down into easy, manageable steps. 

Let’s do it! Click here to chat more about why this system may be exactly what your biz needs.


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