No one dreams that unexpected adversity could disrupt their lives and businesses

but when those things happen, you can protect yourself with the IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (ICE) WORKBOOK

Maybe you've taken the leap into running your own business and are finally pursuing your passion or maybe you've even retired your husband from the corporate world and he's working in the business with you...

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But does this sound familiar?

You successfully made a note in your calendar that quarterly taxes are due and now you have to stop everything and look for the right information to complete them.

• You are in the middle of a launch and your right-hand person has a personal emergency. Suddenly you’re either scrambling to reassign work to other team members or you’re back to working IN the business. In either case, you’re stuck trying to find the needed information to get the work done.

• It’s time for your regular mammogram screening and the fear about what the results may show is consuming you. What if it shows cancer? What if you are scheduled to begin treatments immediately? What is going to happen when you’re sick and unable to run your business during this season? How can your Designated Person In Charge (DPIC) know where all the details are to help manage everything?

• You finally schedule your dream vacation only to realize that you can’t relax or leave your laptop at home because no one knows ALL THE STUFF?

Those are just some of the unfortunately common scenarios I’ve seen that put businesses at risk and steal the time you should have as the CEO.
I’ve seen way too many business owners face chaotic launches when a team member ghosts them because of “personal issues.”
And way too many business owners watch their business crumble underneath them while they struggle with unforeseen circumstances that life throws at them.
And way too many CEOs who traded a traditional career to pursue their passion only to burn out because they can’t take time off...

The ICE Workbook was designed to compile all the detailed information you, the visionary CEO, or your Designated Person In Charge (DPIC), need when circumstances like those scenarios occur.

Set up with easy-to-follow directions, you compile all the information so your DPIC can take over when needed. And because everything is in one place, you can delegate tasks to other team members or pivot back into any of the roles they now serve when needed. You can also use this workbook as a cross-training tool so your team members can quickly jump in and assume other responsibilities when needed.

When we start building our business, we start as the Chief Everything Officer. We do it all. Then we hire team members and start delegating tasks as we grow. We gratefully hand off those tasks that consume our time and energy.

When unexpected circumstances arise, you run the risk of losing not only your health but also your business. Whether it’s your team needing to access password-protected information or you needing to reassign tasks or handle them yourself, you need an easy-to-follow guide to stay on track.


I’ve seen businesses quickly adapt and pivot when the CEO knew what they needed in place to effectively maintain their business, cross-train their team, and have an easy-to-find compilation of critical business information.

Since then, I’ve helped my 1:1 clients make sure they had a complete ICE plan in place. Plus, think about how GLORIOUS it feels to know exactly where to find all of these critical business details without wasting time searching through folder after folder trying to remember where you filed them.

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When you're ready to protect your business and your time, the ICE Workbook is here to help.

• Keep your business functioning with the section on Business Financials including Bills to be Paid and other Account Information so your bills continue getting paid on time including critical tax filings, insurance, website hosting, and more.

• Save time by having Critical Business Information, like government business status and FEIN, all in one convenient place so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the information

• Whether it’s you or your Designated Person In Charge (DPIC) when you need to contact individuals and companies you do business with, the Professional Services Information section makes it easy to keep track of who to contact and how to do it

• Vendors and Suppliers so nothing slips through the cracks to keep your business going

• Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Business Processes (including BONUS tips for automating the processes) to keep you and your team on track no matter what is happening behind-the-scenes

• Call Log to keep track of who, when and how contacts were made during an emergency saving time and stress trying to remember what happened

• Team Member Information and Directory so you or your loved ones can easily contact team members as needed
• Digital Asset Information and Social Media Accounts so you attract dream clients while you are vacationing with family or friends or when the world feels like it is collapsing around you

About Danielle Levy

Business Coach, Strategist & Professional Problem Solver

Danielle Levy is a sought-after strategist and business coach who helps six and seven-figure business owners expand with clarity and efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience in business and management, she’s distilled all her expertise as a systems nerd, marketing officer, and brand strategist into one convenient package so that you can DIY it yourself.

The ICE Workbook is the ultimate tool to help you protect the business that you've worked so hard to build. Don't let unexpected circumstances catch you unprepared to take action!

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